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Title: Websphere Commerce Developer-Manhattan, NYC
JobDiva #: 15-00314
Contact: Madhu K
Company: Thoughtwave Software and Solutions
Primary Recruiter: Ravi Kanth
Primary Sales:
Pay Rate::
Bill Rate::
Start Date: 11/03/2015
End Date:
# of Openings: 1
Priority: A
Position Type: Contract
Location: Manhattan, NY, United States

Role: WebSphere Commerce Developer
Location: Manhattan, NYC
Duration: Long term

Role Description:

WebSphere Commerce Developer is responsible for helping define and architect enterprise-class e-commerce applications and associated business processes.
This role utilizes creative problem solving skills, a thorough understanding of e-commerce concepts and design considerations needed to build supportable, extensible websites, experience with various integration strategies, and the ability to gather complete business requirements and translate them into comprehensive solutions.

The WebSphere Commerce Developer will utilize the following skills:
J2EE development, XML, Web Services, WebSphere MQ and other integration solutions; Single Sign On / LDAP / Portal integration; Design and develop a catalog load process for customers (ID Resolver/Mass Loader); Payment Processor integration; JSTL and the creation of new tag libraries; DynaCache modeling and configuration; Agile development methodology.

Key solution items to be owned by a WebSphere Commerce Developer:
· WCS Application logs review and assessment
· WCS Application solution review and assessment
· WCS toolkit usage, SQL Profiler, Java Profiler, JUNIT, HTTPUnit
· WCS Database/EJB interaction review and assessment
· CrossView asset review, assessment, and development

Primary Responsibilities and Objectives:
· Work on design and architecture, with the solution architect, for commerce projects
· CrossView emphasizes writing components so they can become assets for future projects
· Writes detailed documentation for components they are responsible
· Responsible for writing code for their components following CrossView, IBM, SUN best practices.
· Contributes to the continuous improvement of company methodologies
· Contributes to code proof of concepts
· Develop, assess, and improve troubleshooting steps within the WCS arena.

Education and Experience Preferred:
· 2 KEY WCS Pricing tables
· WCS subsystems
· DBClean
· DB experience
· CMC experience

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or closely related field and 5+ years of experience OR Master's Degree in a Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or closely related and 2+ years of experience required.

Experience should include WebSphere Commerce Command, Task and/or EJB Architecture.