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Job Title: Sr. Data Architect

Location: Menomonee Falls, WI

Duration: 6+ months

Rate: Open

Project Description:

  • Data Architects to support Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) projects.
  • As the Data Architect, the Senior Data Architect will work with a variety of levels of IS personnel to independently analyze complex data requirements, develop/manage/update data models, and develop database designs.
  • The Senior Data Architect would have either a specialty skill related to a specific database (such as a specific data warehouse implementation) OR be able to provide a more strategic / planning focus for the Data Architect role / organization.

Skills & Experience:

  • 5+ years of logical and physical 3NF data modeling in an operational system development environment.
  • 5+ years of logical and physical modeling utilizing a major data modeling tool (ex. ER/Studio, ERwin, PowerDesigner)
  • Strong knowledge of DBMS concepts (views, foreign keys, primary keys, indexes, referential integrity, column constraints), SQL, and DDL generation and validation.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Enterprise-wide viewpoint and forward thinking.
  • Ability to research project needs independently and correlate them to other similar concepts within the enterprise.
  • Strong analytical abilities. Based on both written and verbal system development requirements, knows what questions to ask and when to ask them.

Tools / Software:

  • ER/Studio & ER/Studio Repository
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Visio


  • Business Analysis
  • Data Requirements Analysis
  • Enterprise-wide consistency
  • Major retail knowledge

Data Modeling:

  • Data modeling theory
  • Logical data modeling
  • Physical data modeling
  • DDL generation and validation
  • Excellent definition writing
  • Semantic consistency (across the enterprise)
  • IE ERD notation
  • 3NF – Operational modeling
  • Dimensional modeling (star schema and snowflake)
  • DBMS constructs (views, constraints, indexes, etc.)
  • Abstraction techniques
  • Generalization recognition
  • Appropriate application of denormalization
  • Data modeling patterns
  • Provides direction and training on modeling and DBMS constructs
  • Knowledge of reference data models (ARTS, CWM, etc.) - optional
  • CDMP certification - optional


  • Follows standards & able to enforce standards
  • Data quality
  • Data security
  • Familiarity with system development methodologies (ex. I.E., Zachman Framework)


  • SQL on multiple platforms
  • Any development background


Mike Smith - Resource Manager

Thoughtwave Software & Solutions, Inc.

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