• Question: How can I load data from a text file into a table?

The mysql provides  a LOAD DATA INFILE syntax. However you need to make sure that:
a) Data is delimited
b) You match the columns and data correctly

  • Question: What is meant by urlencode and urldecode?

string urlencode(str)

  • where str contains a string for example �hello world� and the return value will be URL encoded and can be use to append with URLs‚ normaly used to appned data for GET like string urldocode(str) this will simply decode the GET variable�s

value for example echo (urldecode($_GET_VARS[var])) will output �Hello world�

  • Question: What are different names of PHP?

Personal Homepage and PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

  • Question: What is Scripts and Files?

A script may include many files‚ this enables PHP coders to write some of the code once‚ and use it in many scripts‚ to include an external file into your script‚ you can use one of the following:
1. include: reads the external file‚ and interprets it‚ if the external file can't be found‚ a warning is produced‚ and the execution continues.
2. require: the same as includes‚ but it causes the execution to stop.
3. include_once: works the same way as include‚ but the included file will be interpreted just once‚ at the first time it's included‚ if it's included again in the same file‚ it won't be interpreted again.
4. require_once: the same as require‚ but also interpreted once like include_once.