Joomla interview questions?


What are Joomla modules?


Modules extend the capabilities of Joomla! giving the software new functionality. Modules are small content items that can be displayed anywhere that your template allows it to be displayed by assigning them to positions and pages through the module manager in the administrative interface.

Modules are installed in the Admin Section. Joomla! modules may include: Main Menu, Top menu, Template Chooser, Polls, Newsflash, Hit Counter, etc. Members of the Joomla! Community produces Joomla! modules on a continuous basis.


What are plugins?


In Joomla 1.5 mambots will be renamed plugins.

Plugins : The new name for mambots. In addition, some 3rd party components, modules and mambots themselves have plugins. is a small, task-oriented function that intercepts content before it is displayed and manipulates it in some way.


What are Joomla components?


Content elements or applications that are usually displayed in the center of the main content area of a template. This depends on the design of the template in use. Components are core elements of Joomla!’s functionality. These core elements include Content, Banners, Contact, News Feeds, Polls and Web Links.

Members of the Joomla! community produce third party Joomla! components on a continuous basis.

They are freely available to download from and a number of other web sites.


How do I make a menu link that is not clickable?


To make a menu link that does not connect to anything (is not clickable) use the link type Separator/Placeholder.


How do I link from inside content to another content item?


The simple answer is that you get the URL for the page you want to link to. Then you make a link using whatever editor you are using or with html if you have no WYSIWYG (Editor).

The more complicated answer is that some editors have fancier links managers. For example with the JCE editor you can add the advanced linking plugin and it will give you nice lists of static and other content types to pick from.


Why do the pop ups in my WYSIWYG editor not work or show gibberish?


Depending on the editor, this problem may occur when trying to edit the html, insert tables or perform a similar function that requires JavaScript.

Most likely the problem with the live site...

You look in your site configuration (General Configuration, select the Server tab) you will see that the live site is given. Usually it is either or

When you log into your site, you must log in from the exact live site. if you don't the JavaScript in your editor will not work.

One way to deal with this is to put a redirect from, for example, to so that you and your users always login from the correct URL. You can do this with .htaccess.


Can content items be assigned to multiple categories or sections?


No, content items cannot be assigned to multiple categories or sections.


What determines what is shown on my frontpage?


Front-page is a component that is part of the core of Joomla!, like the front page of a newspaper, it shows (usually) multiple pieces of content arranged in some way.

When you install Joomla! the front page component is by default set as the homepage of your site (that is it is the first link on your Main Menu) but front page does not have to be your "home" page.

What exactly appears on the front page and how it is laid out is controlled in two ways. First, if you open the menu link in your menu manager in the back-end there are numerous parameters that control the number of items shown, the number of columns



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